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Sunday, January 19, 2014


Here's the link in case you missed the article.

March 4 at all seven polling places. 

New Milford Democrats for Change welcomes the opportunity to display our deep town-wide support, although we would note the primary will cost taxpayers $5,000-to $10,000. 

In response to the News-Times article, I would only say we gave many DTC members every chance to join our slate. Except for Walter Bayer, they declined, didn't even return phone calls.  Our initial letter to the DTC membership invited EVERY member (except for John Lillis) a chance to join our slate.  We explained that it had proved impossible to make changes in the DTC from within due to the top leadership. In many cases we followed up with phone calls or personal requests to join our slate. So a "purge" was NOT our idea.  The DTC members who stayed with the leadership had every opportunity to hedge their bets but REFUSED.

-- Andy Grossman

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thank you, New Milford Democrats!!!!

We won a great victory tonight and a new, vital Democratic Party will emerge once we take control in March.

But this is not the end of this blog. I will continue to use this space -- a bit more jazzed up I promise -- to communicate with you.. We want to start a dialogue with Democratic party members about our future, our direction and making sure it includes you.  

Of course, we will also begin updating our website more than once every two years and you'll see lots of other changes. We know there are a lot of former Democrats who became unaffiliated voters and we want you back.  But we realize we have to earn your loyalty and respect and I promise we will work particularly hard to do so.

We also want to reach out to disaffected Republicans in town. Unlike the ruling party here, the Democrats have room for lots of different voices and opinions. Like Will Rogers famously said, "I don't belong to any organized political party. I'm a Democrat."  

So, Republicans, if you've been exiled because you dared to disagree with the mayor or are just disgruntled, come talk to us. After all, local government is not always about ideology, but the best way to get things done. We believe in open government, not cronyism.. We think New Milford should have a plan other than doing whatever it takes to get re-elected.

But even if you don't become Democrats in name, we intend to convince you to vote Democratic.

-- Andy Grossman

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

to come to the 
Democratic Party Caucus 
Thursday, Jan. 9, 8pm
John Pettibone School cafeteria, 2 Pickett District Road

Our slate includes: 
  • Two Town Council members
  • Two Board of Education members
  • Two Board of Finance members
  • Alternates, Zoning and Planning Comm.
  • Three former members, Council/Board of Ed./Finance
George Barnett
Walter Bayer
Bob Coppola
Andy Grossman
Pat Hembrook
Alex Ince 
Mary Jane Lundgren
Peter Mullen
Gene Schilling
David Shaffer
Lawrence Stillman
Barbara Wolf
Norman Adler
Gale Alexander
Jackie Alexander
Adrienne Aurichio
Craig Baker
Ben Bayers
Douglas Belknap
Robert Bennett
Scott Chamberlain

Sherry Chiger
Chris Cutter
Paul Garlasco
David Gronbach
Mohammed Karim
Tonya Luchford
Jackie Marois
Kevin Moore
Ann Mueller
Tom O'Brien
John Slattery
Janet Vance
James Waldorf
Lacey Wallace
Are you frustrated by the lack of success for the New Milford Democratic Party? Do you feel the local Democratic Town Committee needs to reach out to more Democrats in town, speak out more vocally on town issues and run more competitive campaigns?

Please check out our 12-point plan below to discover how we will revitalize the Democratic Party, greatly increase our visibility in town and create a more upbeat, optimistic attitude. We are tired of hearing that Democrats can't win in New Milford. President Obama carried New Milford; so did Chris Murphy when he was in the House. We have had two Democratic mayors in the past 20 years. The party registration is not against us that much. It breaks out roughly 50% unaffiliated, 27% Republican and 23% Democratic.

We can overcome that. But we need your help. You can make a difference!

Please come to the John Pettibone School on Thursday night at 8 p.m. and vote to bring change to the New Milford Democratic Party  at our townwide caucus.  Support our slate!

Who are we? We are a mix of elected and appointed Democratic officials,  a minority of Democratic Town Committee members and concerned New Milford residents who are eager to work hard to turn the town  blue as well as support our state and national candidates, and  fight for Democratic values. 

In our next post:  Our 35-person slate! See below for a partial list.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

to come to the 
Democratic Party Caucus 
Thursday, Jan. 9, 8pm
John Pettibone School cafeteria
2 Pickett District Road

It occurred to me that we have not posted any of our slate members.  Here are some of the people who have joined New Milford Democrats for Change. We will publish a complete list closer to the Jan. 9 caucus. There are still a few openings on our slate. Please consider joining us. Whether you have time to commit for two months or two years (and it is not a very large commitment),  you can be part of a sea change in the local Democratic Party.  Email us at or call 860-915-1098.  You can make a difference.

Mary Jane Lundgren -  Town Councilwoman                                       
Walter Bayer -- Town Councilman 
Peter Mullen – former Town Councilman
David Shaffer – member, Board of Education; former Teacher of the Year.
Andy Grossman – 2012 State Rep nominee; member Economic Development Comm. 
Bob Coppola -- member, Board of Education
Gale Alexander – member, Board of Finance 
Barbara Wolf -- member, Board of Finance
Alex Ince  – alternate member, Zoning Commission
Lawrence Stlllman – former member, Board of Ed; 2007 mayoral nominee
Gene Schilling – alternate member, Planning Commission
Adrienne Aurichio – 2013 Zoning Commission nominee
Jackie Marois – 2013 Planning Commission nominee
Ann Mueller -- teacher
Ben Bayers -- student

Happy New Year, everyone!
Here is a letter to the editor we hope to get published in the News-Times by next Thursday.

New Milford Dems,  vote for change on Jan. 9
To the Editor:

On Jan. 9, New Milford Democrats will have their best chance in a decade – and probably their only opportunity for a while – to bring new leadership and a burst of energy to their local party.  Registered Democrats who attend the biannual town-wide caucus at the Pettibone School will elect the committee members who will eventually select the party chair.

Participants will be able to choose between two slates: One is headed by current party chair, the other formed by New Milford Democrats for Change. We’re that second slate. New Milford Democrats for Change consists of Democratic Town Committee and other concerned party members who are tired of our party losing elections; tired of failing to field a mayoral candidate or recruit a full slate for other important offices; tired of lackluster leadership that has put in half-hearted efforts in support of local, state and federal candidates; and has neglected – even discouraged – steps to attract new members. 

Check us out on Facebook or at
Democrats, it is YOUR party. Make yourself heard the night of Jan. 9.