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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year, everyone!
Here is a letter to the editor we hope to get published in the News-Times by next Thursday.

New Milford Dems,  vote for change on Jan. 9
To the Editor:

On Jan. 9, New Milford Democrats will have their best chance in a decade – and probably their only opportunity for a while – to bring new leadership and a burst of energy to their local party.  Registered Democrats who attend the biannual town-wide caucus at the Pettibone School will elect the committee members who will eventually select the party chair.

Participants will be able to choose between two slates: One is headed by current party chair, the other formed by New Milford Democrats for Change. We’re that second slate. New Milford Democrats for Change consists of Democratic Town Committee and other concerned party members who are tired of our party losing elections; tired of failing to field a mayoral candidate or recruit a full slate for other important offices; tired of lackluster leadership that has put in half-hearted efforts in support of local, state and federal candidates; and has neglected – even discouraged – steps to attract new members. 

Check us out on Facebook or at
Democrats, it is YOUR party. Make yourself heard the night of Jan. 9.

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