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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Discredit the messenger, discredit the message

I debated whether to respond to this gossip but it seems to be spreading around town so I might as well nip it in the bud.  NO, I am not running for mayor -- and if you doubt my word, just ask my family. Or my ex-family if I did decide to run.  It's a classic smear tactic. Discredit the messenger, discredit the message.

I have become the public face of New Milford Democrats for Change because an organization needs to speak with a single voice to ensure its message is consistent. I am a former journalist -- a reporter and editor-in-chief -- as well as a onetime public relations executive. I run an editorial services company. So I have a background in media and communications.

New Milford Democrats for Change is about winning elections, becoming competitive in town politics. If "sweeping change" means turning an inactive party into an active one, then maybe we are guilty.  But we are far from a bunch of wild-eyed neophytes. Many members have deep roots in town; Our slate includes eight people who are currently elected officials or were within the past two years -- as well as two alternates plus members of appointed boards and commissions. Scroll below for our full slate.

Including the mayoralty, a party can hold a maximum of 31 seats on elected boards in races that are competitive. (i.e. excluding offices like Town Clerk). We hold 12; the GOP has the maximum

THAT is what this primary is all about. Any other message is just noise.

-Andy Grossman

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