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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Who are We?

It's all well and good to advocate change in a lethargic and listless Democratic Party, but who are the people advocating this shift? Voters have a right to know if New Milford Democrats for Change are a group of serious-minded, experienced and skilled group of enthusiasts or just a bunch of gadflies stirring up trouble?

We are you.  We're your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers. The people you see buying paint at Taylor's Hardware, ordering a latte at Bank Street Coffee House.or eating a sandwich at Gaylordsville Country Store.

We're familiar names and faces like former Councilman Peter Mullen, Board of Ed members Bob Coppola and David Shaffer (the former New Milford High School educator and one-time Teacher of the Year).  We're Mary Jane Lundgren, a long-time social activist and Town Councilwoman.  Board of Finance electees Gale Alexander and Barbara Wolf as well as Councilman Walter Bayer.

In fact, our slate includes seven people who New Milford voters elected to public office since 2011.  There are two former mayoral candidates.  Another seven of us (who aren't an elected official) serve as appointees on various town boards and commissions   Several of  us ran in the recent municipal election including Janice Alexander, Adrienne Aurichio, Jackie Marois and myself.

But just as importantly, Democrats for Change has attracted a raft of new, passionate and committed residents who, like you, are tired of seeing the party lose election after election. We are people like local attorney and parent David Gronbach whose wife Vanessa is reopening the Bank Street.Book Nook.  We're activists like Tom O'Brien who has fought tirelessly for bicycle enthusiasts with his New Milford River Trail group. We're teacher Ann Mueller who is tired of seeing our school budget decimated year after year.  We're small business owners like Lacey Wallace, Norman Adler, James Waldorf, Craig Baker and Tonya Tribble Luchford.  

We're retirees on fixed incomes. We have kids in the school system. And just like you, we pay taxes and want to receive decent services for our investment.

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