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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just Wondering

  • Why are New Milford Republicans weighing in on a Democratic primary? Why is GOP hatchet man Tom Morey praising our opponents? Are Republicans afraid that New Milford Democrats for Change will win and actually make them work for their re-election? and a sanitized version in the Spectrum.
  • Isn't our slate just as experienced as our opponents? Haven't many of our candidates been much more successful in recent town elections? (See below.)
  •  Why are New Milford Democrats for Change the only slate that has offered any solutions for reviving the party and reversing our dour election fortunes? (See our 12-point plan below.)
  •  Why are our opponents complaining about "radical" change on the Democratic Town Committee when some of them turned down our invitation to join our slate -- in effect, run on both slates --  in the Jan. 9 party caucus?  Did the party chair ask these people not to join our slate? Is  "sweeping change" really bad when you are not only losing elections, but failing to be competitive?
  •  Won't we welcome back some of the more experienced and valuable members of our opponents' slate after we win the March 4 primary and some seats open up in the months ahead?
  • If you're losing on the message, shouldn't you attack the messenger? (See below for the ludicrous rumor Republicans -- and perhaps some Democrats -- are spreading.) 

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